A quantum leap in education

Imagine a world where everyone has access to affordable & unlimited education

Imagine children from across the globe being able to learn from the best teaching resources available. Imagine the impact of accelerated learning in the hands of anyone with a thirst for knowledge.

This isn't science fiction. This is reality.

We have an opportunity to change the way we approach teaching. And in doing so, inspire the next generation to make a significant contribution to the world. So join us in revolutionizing online education…

The future of education is already here

We've built a Unity3D platform that allows you to easily and quickly develop education games and simulations. Leverage your existing Unity3D animations, characters & content and bring them to life.

Already used by tens of thousands of students every year at top universities world-wide, Labster is transforming biochemistry studies, and Startup Heroes is using the platform to teach entrepreneurship to business students.

Flipping the classroom in a powerful new way

A proven increase in learning effectiveness. Collaborative studies with Labster have shown a 76% improvement on learning outcomes compared with standard teaching techniques.

With this technology, students are able to experiment and learn effectively from any location. In the context of lecture theatres, teachers can be informed with real-time data on learning progress and adapt lessons accordingly.

Immersive, engaging & high learning impact simulations

Our easy to use platform enables content experts to get started immediately. By utilising a visual editor to create 3D learning environments, you can hit the ground running and start building right away.

It's modular and reusable, which facilitates an exponential development rate.

A platform-agnostic foundation

Mac, PC, Virtual Reality, tablets, internet browsers. It works everywhere so students can work everywhere too.

We used the unity engine to provide a solid foundation, allowing for cross-platform development. It's future proof too, so no matter what devices the future may bring, we have the flexibility to adapt.

Connect via LTI to your LMS

Instantly connect your 3D learning simulations with LMS platforms like Open EdX, Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard.

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